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The hair restoration training of the future, available today

The first ever virtual reality training platform in hair restoration that will help you achieve faster and better training right at your place.

Experience and practice a whole hair restoration procedure from A to Z, in a virtual surgery room.

A scenario has been digitally created in which a patient lies in the prone position (extraction) and recumbent position (implantation) and in which the trainee has the opportunity to conduct a simulated procedure.

VR Hair Restoration Training 1

The benefits

VR is entering our corporate training and learning experience , so its important to understand the benefits that can be gained for both the learner and the organization .Here are some of the biggest benefits of virtual reality training has to offer:

Do the Impossible- Safety first!

Virtual reality training forces trainees to get out of their seats and practice the learning objective. As the name implies, you’re getting as close to real-life training as possible. VR gives you the ability to go beyond telling students what they’ll experience in the field and showing them instead; placing them in those actual scenarios and experiences — without the risk. That means more Safety for our patients!

More Practical Hands-on Approach

Virtual reality training gives you the ability to give your trainees practical hands-on exercises the first time and as many times as it takes for each to get it perfect before they ever do it in the real world. They will feel that they work in a real surgical room environment with the necessary medical equipment.

Make Serious Mistakes — and Walk Away From Them!

Virtual reality gives you the ability to let trainees make all their mistakes, even the potentially fatal ones, in the safety of a simulated world and respawn to try again.

A virtual surgery room

The experience will include preparatory steps like procedure design, using virtual head markers, and operational stages like local anesthesia. All the tools used, and mechanics of procedure will be included in this ground-breaking simulation.
The software employs a scoring system which evaluates participation by highlighting errors and illustrating protocols.

VR Hair Restoration Training 2

The One & Only Training Academy In Hair Restoration

The DHI Academy is the only academy in the world providing formal education in Hair Restoration, while collaborating with major public, European Universities to establish the most up to date curriculum.

With the guidance and support of outstanding teaching staff, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the field, trainees acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to make a significant contribution to their career. Operating at the cutting edge of the Hair Restoration field, we enthusiastically share the passion for new knowledge and encourage trainees to excel.

Hear from Our Trainees

Renata Kliunkiene MD, DermatologistLithuania

I was very impressed by the quality standardization that DHI Academy has developed in cooperation with public European Universities

Arturo Diaz Carandell MD, Plastic SurgeonSpain

The training is detailed, thorough and well structured and thus I would highly recommend the training for any new clinic Director and Coordinator

Fadi Hamadani MD, Plastic surgeonPalestine

Direct Hair Implantation is a phenomenon technique. Several people claim to offer it but the LHRTA is the roots, the origin where it was invented

Andy Cheng MDHong Kong

I have learned a lot about technique and skills in hair transplant. It is an excellent course

Nasir Ali MD, General DoctorUK

I had my training in Hair Restoration at the DHI Academy. It was a great experience. I highly recomend to every doctor

Waqas Haider Chaudhary MDUK

I had my training in Hair Restoration at the DHI Academy. It was a great experience. I highly recomend to every doctor

Yaron Zenaty MD, DermatologistIsrael

I really enjoyed every minute of the training. It was a great experience. I highly recommend DHI Academy

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The cost of the VR Hair Restoration Training is 19,500€ (+19% VAT) and includes all the equipment. To apply fill in the form below.

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